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5.2T Horizon Treadmill

6.0GSX Proform Treadmill

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Bowflex Series Treadmill

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Exercise And Gym Equipment News For Weight Loss And Fitness Fans - From Weider Home Gyms To Treadmills And Ellipticals

Home gym equipment brings an end to the schlep of gearing up for the gym.

No more expensive health club memberships, no time-wasting travel, and no more workout-wear woes. Just home gym equipment for your exclusive use, at the optimal time and place for you. It may even leave you with time and spare cash to invest in a motivating Muscle And Fitness Mag subscription!

Winsor Pilates The Flexibility Flavor Of The Month In Home Gym Equipment
Your first priority is to provide for gentle stretching as a warm-up/cool-down routine, and to improve flexibility. This often neglected aspect is vital if you want to prevent injuries. Home gym equipment, or a pilates program that allows for stretching, also encourages good posture, and in the process prevents or improves niggling back problems.

Flexibility training doesn't have to be expensive. Yoga bands or fitness bands, combined with a good routine, will ensure suppleness, irrespective of your age. Alternatively your home gym equipment may include a Winsor Pilates tape. Designed to maximize mobility, strength and flexibility, the Winsor Pilates fat burning program will surprise you with eye-pleasing results. A Winsor Pilates tape also adds an element of variety to your home gym equipment routine.

Cardio Conditioning With Home Gym Equipment

Warmed up, you need to get your cardiovascular system revved up. Home gym equipment should always comprise of fitness machines you enjoy using. For heart health, test treadmills such as the Proform Treadmill range, a Cybex Trotter Treadmill, or one of the Sole Treadmills. Stationary bicycles, such as a Nordic Track exercise bike, or the Nordic Track recumbent bike, are superb for cardio conditioning.

If you are on-the-go and enjoy multi-tasking, an elliptical cross trainer, such as the New Balance Elliptical line, or the Life Fitness Elliptical Trainer, may be the right fit for you. These home gym equipment ranges offer a superior total-body workout, with heart rate monitoring included.

A stair stepper, or lateral thigh stepper, is a piece of home gym equipment with a relatively small footprint, and can be used with success in a limited space. These are also effective for aerobic training.

Total Body-Sculpted Strength With Home Gym Equipment

If you don't want to see muscle mass dwindling away with each passing day, it is time to strength-train. In addition, each gram muscle mass added, ups your metabolism for maximized fat-burning. You will shake that stubborn flab in no time, with the expert help of your home gym equipment.

Don't use the 'its-too-expensive' excuse. A Bowflex dumbbell or two, a resistance band, and an exercise ball are compact and affordable, yet most effective as home gym equipment. The exercise ball not only adds core strength, but improves balance as well.

Of course, a complete home gym equipment system is convenient, and offers a full range of strength training exercises. These systems vary from well-known infomercial products such as the Chuck Norris Total Gym, to commercial quality Nautilus gyms, the Bowflex Xtreme, and Powertec Gym Equipment.

Bring the advantages of a health club into your home, without any of the inconvenience, by investing in reputable home gym equipment.

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